Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian

Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian
Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian


Corporate Events

Gerry Katzman: Corporate Events

Your company needs to make sure its tradeshow appearances have maximum impact. Take control of your booth's traffic by magnetizing crowds to you! Gerry Katzman works for Microsoft, ADM, and American Express... let him work for you!



Gerry Katzman: Corporate Events


Corporate Entertainment

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"The magic you do at our trade show booth translates into dollars, cents, and vital new relationships for our company. Relationships that would never be possible if you were not there to break the ice. That's why we use you again, and again, and again."

George Craddock
Director of Sales
ADM, Inc.

"Gerry, Thank you. Your magic and your charm are a fine memory. For anyone requiring your services- it is good for them to know that you go 100% + 1. It was extremely enjoyable- a great way to end an evening"

Boni Weiss
Global Enterprise Manager
Microsoft Corporation

"Dear Gerry, A note of appreciation for the job you did hosting our good-bye party for Jo. The timing of your entrance was perfect and the blend of magic and comedy that you created lifted the entire evening from enjoyable to truly memorable. You were particularly effective in moving the focus of the group through your facilitation of our commentary about Jo and her impact on us. Everyone is still talking about it a week later. So thanks to you for the effort and attention that you put into helping us plan our evening and for the professional and engaging way in which you "delivered the goods."

Best Wishes,
Richard Vicenzi
DBM, Inc.

"You made our holiday party at The Four Seasons absolutely enjoyable and unforgettable!"

Sandy Gershenson
Event Coordinator
Lawrence Rifkin and Associates

"We are completely pleased with the excellent job you did at our last event. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon."
Ty Coober
Special Events Planner
American Express

"You are an incredible asset to any of our events"
Tami Zaccaro
EMI Records

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