Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian

Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian
Gerry Katzman: Magician, Actor, Comedian


Parties for Kids

Gerry Katzman: Parties for Kids

Your Child will never forget the day when they did magic at their own party! And your friends will be thanking you for hiring a professional children's entertainer.



Gerry Katzman: Childrens Parties


Great Birthday Magic!

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20 years of experience with a friendly, fun, and energetic personality that kids really love!
Call today and see why the Magic Castle hires Gerry to do their kids' shows!
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"Dear Gerry, I wanted to say thank you again for an incredible show. I loved it and so did Raenna and all of her friends. Thank you so much for making her birthday such a special one."

Carolyn Arleen Aguilar

"I love to watch the children as they follow you around watching as you create magic before their very eyes!"

David McElwee
Development Director
Olive Crest

"The kids loved it, and so did I!"

Tania Perez
Brithday Mom

"Dear Gerry, You were truly amazing and you were great with the kids. Everyone had a wonderfully magical time and we thank you for making Halloween special at The Dubnoff Center!"

Cheryl Gurin
The Dubnoff Center

"Kudos! My principal said that she has never seen those children so attentive. These are "at risk" children whose attention span is very short. Some of them are disciplinary problems at our school. She was amazed they were so quiet and polite. When I saw them the next day all they could talk about was the magic show. It meant so much to them that someone cared enough to bring a show only for them. They felt special. And that's what I wanted them to feel. Also, the fact that you mentioned how important reading was to you made a big impact.

Jeanne Dale
First Grade Teacher
Belworth Elementary School

"You provided our guests with the smiles and laughter they so desperately needed to encourage them in their young lives. You made it so fun, too. The conference would not have been complete without your wonderful and inspirational 'magic.' The young people, along with their teachers, had nothing but praise for your style of magic."

Lynn A. Briley
Community Programs Coordinator
St. Anne's Outreach

"Thank you so much for your time and talent- a great time was had by all."

Phyllis Shapiro
Volunteer Coordinator
Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services

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